The Institute’s Health Unit is located on the upper floor of the Padraig Faulkner Building as part of the overall Student Services block. It is staffed by one full time nurse, one part time nurse and a local doctor will attend the unit for ten hours per week. The Student Health Unit is funded from Students’ Capitation Fees.

All full-time students of DKIT have access to the Health Unit free of charge.

The nurse is available to see students at the times posted at the Health Unit. No appointment is necessary to visit the nurse.

Students who wish to see the doctor should make an appointment with the nurse before the commencement of the doctor’s surgery session. Students should only visit the doctor during the campus surgery times. Students may be referred to a doctor’s private surgery in emergencies only, and with the prior approval of the nurse.

Students are advised to notify the nurse if they suffer from conditions requiring special attention, e.g. Epilepsy, Diabetes, etc. In doing so, they can ensure that help will always be available if required.

Students attending the health Unit for repeat prescriptions should give two week’s notice to the nurse.

Services Provided

  • First Aid: e.g. Burns/Scalds, Cuts/Abrasions, Minor Injuries, Wound Care/Dressing etc…
  • Minor Illnesses: e.g. Viral Illnesses, Chest Infections, Ear and Throat Infections, Headaches, Urinary Tract Infections, etc….
  • Sexual Health: e.g. Advice re. Contraception, Advice re. Responsible Sexual Behaviour, S.T.I. Advice and prevention, etc…
  • Vaccine for Course Requirements (As per arranged by Placement Officers)

Chronic disease management is not part of care. All such care to be provided by own G.P. Also we are not a phlebotomy service for chronic disease management. Referrals for services e.g. 24hr mon, scopes, referrals will be advised to own GP.

Accidents at DkIT

If you have an accident in DkIT, please notify a member of staff immediately or contact Nurse Rust. Then inform your Head of Department. All Departments and the Students’ Union have First Aid kits. Where necessary, students can be referred to the Casualty Unit at the Louth County Hospital, Dublin Road, Dundalk, by the Institute doctor or nurse. You will not have to pay a casualty charge in these cases.

Dental Treatment

Medical Card holders are entitled to free dental services, but there is a waiting list. If you don’t have a Medical Card, you must pay for dental services. A number of dentists, listed below, have agreed to give a reduction on normal charges. You must bring your ID card along when attending surgery.

D. Hollywood, W. Stanley, A. Kearney 6 Dublin St., Dundalk.
Mon – Sat: 9.15 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Thurs: 9.15 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.
Tel: 042- 9331771


Optical treatment is free of charge if you have a Medical Card. Application forms are available from the HSE, but there may be a long waiting list.


Remember, your visit to the Student Doctor is free. If you don’t have a Medical Card you must pay for anything he prescribes. The pharmacies below have agreed to give a reduction of 10% on normal prescription charges if you bring your current Student ID card with you.

  • Margaret Grennan The Pharmacy, Dublin St., Dundalk Tel: 042- 9330136
  • Mena Mc Guinness McGuinness Pharmacy, Park St., Dundalk Tel: 042- 9334809
  • Leavy’s Pharmacy Clanbrassil St., Dundalk Tel: 042- 9331560
  • Leavy’s Pharmacy Long Walk Shopping Centre, Dundalk Tel: 042- 9327388

There is also a chemist within walking distance of the college, in college Manor (around corner from the shop)