I just want to welcome our students back to college life. Hopefully will we see you all back on campus very soon! If you need anything at all please feel free to give us a shout, we are here for you!

My duties:

  • Responsible for dealing with the welfare issues of the Union
  • Raise awareness of issues of equality and diversity
  • Responsible for organising welfare campaigns on topics affecting the student body including but not limited to mental health, physical health, sexual health & consent etc.
  • Provide training for Class Reps on welfare issues
  • Deal with queries about grants
  • Provide info & promote all services available to students.

Plans for the year:

  • ‘Can You See It?’ –Mental health is unique in the way that it can be hidden with a fake smile. I want our students to be aware of the support services in place which are free to all students.
  • Let’s Talk About Sex –I want to normalise the conversation, educate our students and make STI tests a regular part of life.
  • Health & Fitness Week –I want to take a week to show our students how to find an exercise they enjoy or allow them to try a new sport.
  • Love is For All –LGBTQ+ I want time dedicated to educating our students on how to use pronouns, gender identities and sexual orientation. So that our students know how to speak to or refer to others correctly.
  • Diversity – DkIT is a diverse community. We have numerous nationalities and races that should be celebrated. I want to share our students experiences of growing up in Ireland being of a different ethnicity. Education will also be provided on many topics such as colourism.
  • Period Poverty –I want to have period products available on campus.

Be kind, be safe & look after yourself!


M:089 4020233| E: welfare@dkitsu.ie