Hi my name is Eddie Maguire and I am your new Vice President for Student Engagement for the upcoming academic year.
I have been studying Sports, exercise and enterprise in DkIT the past two years and I am really looking forward to meeting all new and returning students this year!
This year I will be trying to achieve what is the best for all students and since the outbreak of Covid-19, the past two years have not been the same it has taken away students from having the full college experience, My role is to engage students within the academic and the social aspects to their time here in DkIT.
Part of my role is sitting on academic council, this is the council where every policy, guideline and module/course change is approved. I will make sure that the student voice is fundamental in any discussion around the issues affecting your studies.
The fundraising aspect to DkITSU also forms part of my remit and this coming year I will be working with students to raise money for good causes through the Raise and Give committee.
 It is my role to try get students engaging with the SU through events and campaigns on and off campus.
The SU runs social events on and off campus and this coming year we hope to expand that to include a wider range of events catering for as many students as possible. We have learned that students want more, and we intend of delivering that for you.
I have a lot of great ideas in mind for this year, but I want students to be involved and have more opportunities to input into the work of the Union.
If anyone has any questions or quires don’t be afraid to come into the office throughout the year or can email me at: