We all need help when it comes to studying, some of us more than others! Check out the following advice for how to study properly and prepare for exams.

Some Effective Habits you should get into

The art of concentration

No matter what it is you’re doing, whether studying maths or taking a free kick, you must focus on the task at hand and eliminate distraction.

Everyone can concentrate. Just think about all the times you’re ‘lost’ in something, playing rugby, singing a song, watching a DVD. All those times you are concentrating.

Things which may help you study

Preparing for Exams

Managing Stress

Stress affects everyone whether people admit it or not. The main thing is to not let it affect you or get on top of you. Stress leads to certain symptoms e.g. exhaustion, loss of/increased appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and oversleeping. As a result of these there may be a big temptation to turn to things that people believe relieve stress such as alcohol, drugs or others.

Stress will affect your studies, and if you do feel stressed talk to someone about it. It can be someone in your class or you can talk to the Institute Counsellor.

How can I manage stress?

Exam Time

When you take a test, you are demonstrating your ability to understand course material or perform certain tasks. You need to avoid carelessness to do this. Always keep the stuff you write clear and legible.