Class Reps make up one of the most vital parts of the union. They are the eyes, ears and face of the union within the many courses in DkIT. Usually, each class will have at least one class rep. These class reps are vital cogs in the SU machine as they stand up for their class to lecturers and on course committees. Through this, they help the union to work positively on a local level as well as dealing with the major issues which affect the student body as a whole.

A class rep:

Running for Class Rep

Becoming a Class Rep is a truly great experience and is positive step in helping your fellow students enjoy college life. You will get to work for your class, raising their concerns, by working with the students union. Of vital importance is in new people getting involved in order for things to move forward from the benefit of fresh ideas. This is a most unique experience so please get involved. You can make the difference

What do you gain?